Message from the CEO

Providing professional cleaning and maintenance services to retailers from coast to coast…. maintaining positive impressions…managing customer moments of truth…

    Every day, from coast to coast our people do the essential behind the scenes work to insure a clean and welcoming experience for the millions of guests who shop our Customers' stores.

    Whether it's a mom entering a clean feeling restroom with her child, a dad perusing a store's offering walking down gleaming aisles, or a shopper checking the look of a new garment in a well maintained changing room, each experience creates a lasting impression, a "must win" moment of truth.

    Our Customers are primarily major retailers and grocers who recognize the impact a clean and well maintained environment has on the shopping experience.

    Through expert program design tailored to each client's specific needs, coupled with best-in-class execution, we add value to our Customers by managing the look and feel of shopper touch points and line of site impressions.

    Great looking stores don't happen by chance. Partnering with Kellermeyer Bergensons helps insure that a clean feeling experience for shoppers remains part of your relative competitive advantage.


Mark Minasian, CEO